Rugs Kilims offers a unique selection of Rugs London, Rugs London, Kilim Rugs, Rug Store, Persian Rugs, Afghan Rugs, Turkish Rugs. Every single piece has history of it's own. Collections includes: Flat Weave Kilim Rugs, Hall Runners, Kilim Cushions covers, Kilim Furniture, Kilim Handbags and Wall Hangings

All authentic kilim and rugs, wall hangings and Persian, Afghan, and Turkish Rugs and Kilim are imported from the place of their origin, where weaving is a living tradition since time immemorial. The simple geometrical patterns and the harmony of colors, where subdued hues are complemented with the vibrant shades, are a direct reflection of the aesthetic perception of the indigenous tribes and surprisingly enough they fit very well with the architecture of the modern household.

So if you are looking forward to enliven your surroundings, whether at home or at the office space, with the products of the orient  and earn a reputation of being culture conscious, you should visit our store for a wide array of hand woven pieces of art. You would find Kilim Cushion Covers and Kilim Saddle Bags made from authentic kilim  and everything you can think of in terms of kilim products.

Besides rugs and carpets, we have great collections of Kilim Furniture too where sofas and chairs and ottomans are upholstered with original kilim. They are like showpieces that have an aesthetic appeal and a utility value as well. They

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Antique Turkish Kilim Rug R7837
Antique Turkish Kilim Rug R7837
225 cm X 136 cm
£995  £750
F1135 Antique Turkish Malatya Kilim Rug
F1135 Antique Turkish Malatya Kilim Rug
272 cm X 151 cm
£1495  £995
F1292 Antique Turkish Konya Kilim Runner
F1292 Antique Turkish Konya Kilim Runner
300 cm X 60 cm
£995  £595
F1304 Turkish Milas Rug
F1304 Turkish Milas Rug
144 cm X 87 cm
£795  £595
F1356 Karabagh Kilim Rug
F1356 Karabagh Kilim Rug
275 cm X 255 cm
£1500  £995
F1542 Antique Kilim Patchwork
F1542 Antique Kilim Patchwork
202 cm X 157 cm
£675  £495
F1620 Antique Sivas Kilim Rug
F1620 Antique Sivas Kilim Rug
157 cm X 193 cm
£950  £795
F1621 Antique Sivas Kilim
F1621 Antique Sivas Kilim
210 cm X 156 cm
£795  £595
F252 Handmade Turkish Kilim Rug
F252 Handmade Turkish Kilim Rug
190 cm X 140 cm
£795  £495
F27 Vintage Anatolian Esme Kilim Rug
F27 Vintage Anatolian Esme Kilim Rug
342 cm X 190 cm
£1495  £1200

"Excellent service and swift delivery. Couldn't be happier with my rug. I love it! Thank you Rug Store."

Mrs Jacqueline Lewis, United Kingdom

"Hello. The kilim stool I had ordered from you arrived today and it is perfect. Many thanks. "

Gerhard, United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cushion cover I bought from you recently. It arrived promptly and exceeded expectat..

Jennie Gilmore, United Kingdom

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