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Kilim handbags are made from the kilim carpets with an inner lining and zipper. As each piece of kilim is unique in the sense that no two kilims are exactly alike, using such handbags would lend a touch of originality and would make you stand apart from the crowd. All authentic kilims are essentially handmade and they are flat tapestry woven carpets, the technique of which has classed them as slit open textiles. The designs used in the kilims are influenced by the place of their origin that is the indigenous tribes of Kurd, Assyria, Turkey, Iran and Pakistan. They are used in those countries as prayer mats, saddle cover, floor carpets and wall hangings.

Kilim handbags are stylish pieces of accessories that have been in fashion in the countries of Europe and America. They are usually bright colored which lend a vibrant touch to the user. The users flaunt their authentic kilim bags in the parties and friendly gatherings and it becomes a matter of pride to carry a piece of kilim that has been designed and made in far off countries. Each kilim is designed with care and diligence that makes it a piece of art. A handbag made from kilim likewise is far above the handbags made in the factories with endless repetitions of designs and colors.

Kilim handbags which are made from authentic kilim use designs which have their origin in the indigenous cultures of the countries like Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The sharp edged geometrical patterns and tribal motifs of these old civilizations are reflected in the kilim from which the handbags are made. Each piece of kilim reveals the aesthetic sense of the indigenous tribes which have developed to the highest degree. The antique feel and touch of these handbags make them a collector’s item with each bag exhibiting its unique color composition and design.

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