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The Turkmenistan rugs also known as “Türkmen Haly” in their native language are basically a type of handmade floor covering textile traditionally originating from Central Asia. It is useful to differentiate between the original Turkmen rugs, and the large number of rugs that are produced mainly for export to Pakistan and Iran today. These rugs were originally made by the Turkmen tribes who are the main ethnic group of Turkmenistan. These rugs can be used for various purposes such as door hangings or to decorate the surfaces. The Turkmenistan rugs are world renowned for their quality and unique designs. These rugs are available in various shapes and sizes, and can also be made according to one’s requirements. The original Turkmen rugs are handmade in different famous places of Central Asia. Each origin carries its own specialty such as the Persian rugs are famous for their unique designs and work done on them. These Turkmenistan carpets are a great way to enhance the beauty of a hall and come in unique designs and color combinations. There are a variety of Turkmenistan carpets available, starting from Persian to Turkmenistan which offer a great way to uplift the overall aesthetics of the room. There are carpets which are antiques, originating from Persia and Turkmenistan. Such rugs and carpets not only add a touch of class but are also an asset worth having.
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R9382 Antique Turkmenistan Tekke Rug
215cm X 130cm
R9382 Antique Turkmenistan Tekke Rug
R8615 Beautiful Hand Woven Antique Rugs
215cm X 130cm
R8615 Beautiful Hand Woven Antique Rugs
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