Flat Weave Kilim Rugs

Flat weaves Kilim Rugs are tapestry woven carpets and rugs that embody the cultural heritage of diverse countries like Persia, Poland, Greece, the Balkan nations and Afghanistan .The original kilims are always hand woven and they bore an exotic collection of geometric patterns and designs that have high aesthetic values. The patterns woven in an original kilim are so intricate that each one of them can be considered as a work of art. You just have to look at one of them to realize how much the traditions of centuries have contributed to the formation of such a rich heritage of craftsmanship.

Flat weaves Kilim Rugs are made from the natural yarn and sometimes raw silk and the colors are applied through the natural dyes available. The flat weaves are thin carpets which makes them very suitable as a floor covering. You can consider using a kilim in your drawing room just below your coffee table and the visitors would surely appreciate your aesthetic sense and your taste for the exotic. Kilims are also hanged from the wall as a decorative piece and they look just as beautiful, gracing the room where it is hanged.  Kilims are used as saddle covers, prayer mast and as floor coverings as well.

Flat weaves Kilim Rugs are manufactured by the deft craftsmen of Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Persia. It bears the stamp of a heritage that has been handed over from one generation to the next. If you ever visit those places where craftsmen weave the kilim, you would witness that how much labor and diligence is spent in creating each of these pieces of art. The intricate geometric patterns also bear the stamp of centuries of traditions and the natural colors that they use are very bright and dazzling saying much about their sense of color combination.

In conclusion it may be added that kilims are always worth their price to grace your dwelling.

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