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Bags & trappings are an essential part of your daily accessories that accompany you in the time of your need. You carry a bag to the school, to the departmental stores, to your office and for each occasion the content inside the bag changes, determined by the changing circumstances and needs. For instance if you are going to a departmental store, the bags you usually carry are bigger in size and they have only the utilitarian purpose of carrying your groceries and so on. When you are going to the office you carry, may be, a leather briefcase that keeps all your important papers and documents in place. When a woman goes to a party she usually takes with herself a small bag that’s more of a showoff than an actual necessity.

Bags & trappings with a tribal motif is something of a craze in the fashionable world. The tribal designs used in kilims are now available as bags that are long-lasting and aesthetically appealing at the same time. The apparent simplicity of the tribal world most amazingly finds its parallel in the post modern art after the advent of cubism. That same modern trend has re-established the tribal art in the forefront of the fashionable world and carrying a bag with tribal designs to the party by a woman is seen as a sign of being aware of the subtleties of modern art.

Bags & trappings are available in various colors and designs as well as sizes. To be appreciated as being fashionable, care must be taken that your overall look, your apparel and your destination actually determine the choice of your bag. For instance, you would carry a fashionable luxury item like bags with tribal motifs to a party or a friendly gathering and not to the office. Whatever might be your need and purpose there are bags to suit each unique circumstance.


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R9024 Persian Shahsavan Kilim Floor Cushion Covers
115cm X 77cm
R9024 Persian Shahsavan Kilim Floor Cushion Covers
R9028 Antique Shahsavan Mafrash Soumak
115cm X 45cm
R9028 Antique Shahsavan Mafrash Soumak
R9331 Turkish Hereke Silk Rug
93cm X 68cm
R9331 Turkish Hereke Silk Rug
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