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Cushion pads are an integral part of rugs, carpets, kilims. Carpets, rugs are a great way to assert your individuality and give your home a stimulating, international and distinctive touch. As such, they are becoming a common constituent of interior décor of innumerable houses. Pads are necessary to keep your carpets, rugs and kilims in place. Without rug and cushion pads, carpets, kilims, rugs will not stay put and will slide all over. It is a nuisance as well as an accident threat. Children and adults alike might step on the rug and because there is nothing to hold it in position, it has ample chances to skid, taking down the person too. They also reduce the chances of tripping over by preventing creases on the rugs.


Cushion pads increase the durability of rugs and carpets, gets a good grip on the floor and as such ensures better protection against rugs skidding all across the floor. Cushion pads boost the comfort level of carpets and rugs and make them bouncier, softer and warmer. Pads make it easier to clean and vacuum the rugs and carpets. Pads are particularly helpful for carpets in places like hallways, corridors, shops where they are trampled the most. Pads protect the rugs and increase their durability.

At Rug Store, we are conscious of the impression a comfy and agreeable cushion pad can produce. Taking this cue, we furnish a plethora of cushion pads in various sizes, shapes, price range and utilities conceived to give you the optimum experience possible. Our round the clock dedicated, friendly staff is committed to aid you in choosing the best cushion pads suited to your specifications and requirements. Step into our world and make your home an amazing fusion of style and comfort which you will cherish and your neighbors envy.

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C03 Cushion Inner Pad
50cm X 50cm
C03 Cushion Inner Pad
C04 Cushion Pad
60cm X 60cm
C04 Cushion Pad
C01 Small Cushion Pad
30cm X 30cm
C01 Small Cushion Pad
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D01
60cm X 40cm
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D01
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D02
50cm X 35cm
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D02
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D03
60cm X 30cm
Polyester filled Cushion Inner Pad D03
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"Hello. The kilim stool I had ordered from you arrived today and it is perfect. Many thanks. "

Gerhard, United Kingdom

"Excellent service and swift delivery. Couldn't be happier with my rug. I love it! Thank you Rug Store."

Mrs Jacqueline Lewis, United Kingdom

"Thank you so much for the beautiful cushion cover I bought from you recently. It arrived promptly and exceeded expectat..

Jennie Gilmore, United Kingdom

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