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First come the trend of traditional rugs in the initial stages when it was new for all people then slowly other types of rugs like modern rugs, Traditional Rugs came into existence. Traditional rugs are easily available from any rugs shops or market. The traditional rugs are known for providing alleviates the stress of your body. Sitting on a hard floor may strain your back or leg but on rugs shows positive effects. Connoisseur people have long back recognized the magnificent work of art to décor their palace or home. While for those who are rich & healthy obsesses traditional rugs of ancient times considering as an elegant & luxury item for mark of status symbol.

The traditional oriental design rugs are readily available in the market made by hand craft work or use of machine. Traditional rugs come in Arts & Crafts, Persian, Floral and Aubusson patterns. Generally, traditional rugs are made of hand hooked, hand knotted, hand tufted, flat weave, braided and machine made. The hand knotted rugs in common terms is known as carpet. The genuine Oriental rug is a hand knotted carpet which in most of cases is either knotted with pile or hand woven without pile.

Traditional Rugs refer to both Traditional Persian Rugs as well as Traditional Oriental Rugs. These rugs because of its age are known for its high value. Traditional Persian & Oriental rugs are very expensive for one to afford. The demand of traditional rugs lies in the artistry works which differentiate out every piece of rug because of its uniqueness which are dated back to biblical times. These rugs were hand crafted and hand knotted which lacks words of appreciation and admiration. The finest piece of traditional as it is highly valuable and unique too after knowing its importance. A little care with proper attention will serve you the best. Don’t forget a traditional rug is an integral part of your home and a finest piece of artistic work that decors your room, so better take care of it.

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