Persian Rugs Cleaning

Persian rugs cleaning are a determining aspect of its use. Persian rugs are loved and desired all over the world for their dazzling colors, unmatched artistry, intricate and impeccable designs and patterns. They make your interiors vibrant and unique.

Persian Rugs cleaning specialists in London, We offer a full and competitive Rug cleaning and Rug repair service on all type of Persian Rugs & Carpets. We have undertaken specialist restoration work including cleaning and repairs, insurance salvage work following floods, fire and accidental damage and are now recommended by many local and national insurers.

Persian Carpets Cleaning

Basic and simple steps for Persian rugs cleaning at your home:

Vacuum the rugs regularly and in doing so, avoid using the power brush. You can clean the woolen rugs by vacuuming its back by rotating brush or beating bar. Then turn it over and vacuum the front gently. Fringe vacuuming should be avoided.

Spills and stains should be cleaned instantly. Blot them with 100% cotton towel, never rub vigorously. Use mild detergent and water to wash the stains off. If you use spot remover, do not apply it directly on the rugs, put it in a cotton towel or cotton and then gently use it.

Rugs should be rotated at least once a year so that they wear evenly.

Never fold the rugs; it should always be rolled if necessary.

You can redress pet odors issue by mixing 1 part white vinegar with 3 parts water and then blot with cotton towel.

Always work with hand brush when you need to clean the rugs of very minute dust particles, pet hairs which may still be there even after you vacuum.

Persian Rugs Cleaning

Expert help

We use a straw made hand brush to clean any rug instead of heavy duty machines. Besides, our chemicals have pleasant fragrance when they are dry. When we clean any rug, we drain the water immediately and make the place dry for next one.  We drain the water any time we wash any rug as well as the place, so that, the place is ready for next rugs. After washing, we carry them in a dry place and try to dry them as quickly as possible, So that they don’t change smell and to protect the original colour of the rugs.

We specialize in traditional hand cleaning action, without including any industrial processes. Rug Store’s professionally trained technicians provide the highest quality of service with the best possible results in comprehensive Carpet and Kilim upholstery cleaning, and repair solutions. Whether it is our opinion or cleaning that you require, call Rug Store for Rug Cleaning Services in London for professional and best in class cleaning service. Contact Rug Store for expert cleaning and advice