Kilim Furniture

Kilim Furniture looks Beautiful Handmade Traditional whenever placed in a living room, study or any other extremely visible place of a home. Kilim Furniture mainly include Kilim Stools, Kilim sofas, Kilim Furniture, trunks, tables or other kind of furniture made up from kilims. All Kilims used in our products is old and genuine. Since every kilim is unique, the colouring and motifs will vary from each piece of furniture. Kilim Stools & Kilim Furniture can be made to order for any size, we manufacture upholstered furniture using old Turkish Kilims and fabrics

Nowadays Kilim furniture's are extensively preferred in the different areas and rooms by the interiors designers to give original and innovative looks to a room. Kilim furniture’s are unique in design as they are made up from the fine pieces of handmade kilims

at Rug Store we have in house kilim furniture designers, craftsmen who can construct any type of Kilim furniture on customers demand. As we possess our in house indoor space and workers we use fresh and new pieces of kilims so that furniture looks more graceful and elegant. We also make sure that all our designs kilim furniture’s are unique in sketches and equally different from the normal furnishings. Every small piece of furniture manufactured by us is made with lot of concerns and keeping in the diverse quality principles in mind.

To further go through with the type of kilims produced by our craftsmen simply browse our segment of kilim furniture at Rug where you will find hundreds of designer stools, sofas, chairs and so on. We truly anticipate that you will be delighted to see our catalogue of kilim furniture’s

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