Kilim Cushions

Kilim cushions have become a major style statement in the field of interior decoration. Their demand is increasing day by day as people are coming to know about the versatility of kilims. Kilims are flat tapestry woven rugs. They are much lighter than regular rugs and are much easier to maintain. That is why kilims make a great choice for wall hangings, pillow, cushion and sofa covers in addition to being used as normal floor coverings. They bring a touch of elegance, finesse, style and international flair.

Turkish Kilim Cushions

The assortment of kilim cushions at Rug Store is fascinating and beautiful. It has the widest range sorted according to size, utility, shape, type of weave and colors. Ancient Persia of the 5th century B.C. and the medieval Seljuk period Turkey are credited with the creation of kilims. This great tradition has been carried on with the same fervor since the early times even today.

Antique Kilim Pillow

Our collection houses both the antique and modern types. Different kilim producing regions make kilims with different methods, motifs and designs and symbols. Wool, since its origin has been the choicest raw material. Cotton and silk kilims were also made whose number is going up. Cushions made from kilims can be used in our lawns, living rooms and even your bedroom. They make your home vibrant, bright, chic and tasteful. They will make heads turn and thrill and inspire anyone who sees them.

Floor Kilim Cushions

The assortment of kilim cushions with us at Rug Store is the most celebrated, loved and highly acclaimed in the UK. Our promise is nothing but the very best quality, highest durability and dazzling designs assembled from the world ever. Our diligent, efficient and dedicated team is available to you 24*7 so that you can choose the one that matches with your style, needs and budget. Walk into our store and experience the superlative.

M316 Anatolian Kilim Cushion Cover

M316 Anatolian Kilim Cushion Cover (40cm X 40cm)

Price: £39.00

M316 Anatolian Kilim Cushion Cover