Kilim Cushion Covers

Kilim cushion covers have now become a determining component of interior decoration in many homes. Their beauty, elegance, vibrancy and rarity have made them an item of immense value and desire all over the world. Kilims are woven by the flat weave method. They are a type of tapestry rugs. They are lighter than normal rugs and are easy to maintain. This makes them perfect choice for cushion, pillow covers, wall hangings and like.


Kilim making started in ancient Persia and then in the medieval Seljuk period in Turkey by the nomadic people of those regions. Making one kilim took a considerable time. The weaving methods, patterns, symbols, utility of the kilims from different regions were different. Wool, from early times, is the most preferred material. Cotton and silk kilims are now also being made in good numbers. Silk kilims are well known for their very elaborate works. Earlier, kilims were hand woven; these days they are machine made as well as handmade. No matter the type of make, you can be rest assured of their exquisite quality, ornate fashion and thrilling color combinations.

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