Contemporary Rugs

Area rugs especially contemporary area rugs have always enjoyed a lot of popularity. The reason for their continued popularity is because they are made to look like many different styles both modern and vintage.

There are many manufacturers that are involved in making area rugs and they make many designs that can be used at the door entry or as a living room carpet to help enhance the décor of your house. Basically a well designed and manufactured contemporary area rug will work in any part of the house.

The 2 main reasons for their popularity is the style and elegance they can give to a house and as well as their capability of protecting a wooden floor. When choosing a style there are main 2 choices, Contemporary Rugs or traditional rugs. When choosing a contemporary style, modern designs and colour are available.

Traditional rugs will generally have a more old-fashioned design. Choosing one usually comes down to personal preference and what will suit the room best. Using area rugs not only to makes a room look good; it also helps protect the floor.

Many floors are be made of hardwood which is vulnerable to wear and tear and expensive to replace. Therefore using an area rug will help protect and preserve the floor from excessive damage.

Contemporary rugs are made of different types of material such as wool, cotton and nylon. Wool is the most common material used. They are also the nicest looking of the lot. Wool is very sturdy and reliable and has been in use for thousands of years.

This may be why they are the most common ones used today. Interestingly wool area rugs are generally cheaper and more durable compared to the alternative materials. Contemporary area rugs made from wool are also easier to clean and maintain properly. Some of the best and most intricate designs tend to be done with wool.

If there are children involved then looking into kid’s contemporary area rug is a good idea. They come with many child pleasing colours. Some are even designed with pictures of their favourite cartoon characters.

This doesn’t mean you would put a rug with a picture of daffy duck in your living room, but one could be put in the child’s room. Area rugs designed with children in mind tend to be smaller and less durable. This is because after a few years the child or children will lose interest in them. Thus, children’s area rugs will generally be cheaper per square foot.

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