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Afghan rugs are one of the ancient oriental rugs conventionally manufactured in the Afghanistan. The woven style and designing of Afghan rugs varies with different regions from where these rugs are originated primarily. The majority of Afghan rugs are known with their area of foundation or through the name of the ethnic group who constructs them. Afghan Rugs stand for their wide ethical, aesthetic and surprising skills of the artists. Another specialty of these large rugs is their customary and typical Bukhara printing style with reddish backdrops

To be in line with the latest techniques many Afghan artists have implemented the technique of weaving and artworks from other countries like turkey, Iran etc in their interweaving styles. There are number of ethnic groups which are specially known for their rugs arts comprising to Andkhoy, Sulayman, Aq Shah, Barmazid, Qarqueen etc. According to the ethnic groups Afghan rugs are divided into three various major categories which are Afghan Turkestan, Baluch, and Herati.

Afghan Turkestan rugs are basically manufactured in the areas near to border of Uzbekistan. Herati rugs are produced in the Herati regions of the Afghan these rugs are one of the extraordinary and identifiable oriental rugs among all other forms of rugs

Maximum of the rugs manufactured in this area are crafted with the fine patterns of relating living creatures. It is really difficult and time consuming job to craft Herati rugs as these rugs require closed weave in different contortions within a little surface. Balouch tribes of Afghanistan are renowned for their specially crafted wool rugs with traditional ways of weaving by the majority of women.

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